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Updated 7th May 2006

    FAQ and basic tutorial added for SimPose2

Update 4th June 2006

    Basic tutorial added in French


What are SimPose-ium and SimPose2?

SimPose-ium (or SimPose for short) is an animation editor for the Maxis/Electronic Arts Game 'TheSims'.

SimPose2 is a similar program, still under development, for TheSims2.

Both let you display a number of Sims and to pose them in any desired position. They also let you create keyframe animations.  SimPose-ium lets you display predefined sequences of animations (not available in SimPose2).

The main uses for SimPose are:

bulletCreating still and animated Sim images for web sites (particularly for people making new skins and meshes)
bulletCreating story-boards and comic strips staring the Sims
bulletCreating new or modifying in-game animations (currently SimPose-ium only)

The programs as presented here are still work in progress, and bugs get fixed as they are reported. In general, the longer a feature has been in the program the more stable it is. Please accept any limitations and enjoy the programs for what they do.

Note: currently I'm focussed on SimPose2, so SimPose-ium is largely frozen


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