SimPose2  - SimPose-ium for TheSims2

What is SimPose2

Firstly it is work in progress!

Currently the program allows you to load, pose and generate keyframe animations for adult Sims.

Unlike the original SimPose-ium, you'll need a separate program (such as SimPE from ModTheSims2) to extract mesh and texture files from the game archives - I'll be assuming you have worked out how to extract these files when describing how SimPose2 works.

Unlike in TheSims, all objects in TheSims2 are true 3D meshes. SimPose2 recognises this and can load furniture etc. Note that there are some difference between the behaviour of the program when handling figures and other models.

Figure poses can be saved in a library file (see the library menu).

For Frequently Asked Questions on SimPose2 - go here

For a beginners step-by-step tutorial - go here   (in English and French )

How to use it

Some of the features on the menu and control panel are there to help me work out how the models work and to debug problems - they have no value for the normal user. If a feature isn't mentioned below, it either has an obvious function or isn't required for normal use.

 Menu items:

File: ScreenCapture - as SimPose - 3D window full size or half
Exit - No Save - exit without saving changes to defaults and options

Library: Save Pose - Save currently selected figure pose to library - Can also be used to create a sub set of skeleton joints (so apply a pose to arms only etc.)

View: Should be obvious The two loads are to load BMPs for the background and ground plane

Control panel page tabs:

Page: Character

SimPose2 can display up to 4 figures and 4 other models (furniture etc.). The 'Model Selection' controls are visible on all pages and select the figure or model currently being manipulated. A figure can have up to 4 separate parts (e.g. body, head, hair and carried prop).

Use the large 'Mesh' button to load the figure-part/model (.gmdc or .5gd mesh file)

For figures, each part can be textured with up to 4 overlaid images using the large texture buttons (must all be the same size), for example (nude) body + clothing overlay or face + makeup

Other models can have up to 4 different textures attached (e.g. beds have separate frame and bedding textures)

Textures can be in .bmp, .6li/.lifo or .6tx/.txtr formats

When a mesh and textures have been loaded, they can be saved and reloaded using Save and Load in Model Selection area (i.e. load a complete figure - body, face hair and textures as a single operation)


Page: Joints/Morph

Affect the currently selected figure/model only (see the Model Selection area)

The Morph and Joint controls are the main controls on this page (I need to do something about sensitivity!)

Many of the figure meshes have morphs (faces have 27 of them!) controllable from the left hand slider (select the morph to be adjusted from the drop-list)

Two separate joints can be selected at a time (they must be different) and rotated in each of the three plains

(The transparency slider only has an effect if the opaque box is cleared - lets you see the skeleton pose 'inside' the mesh)


Page: Static Pose

Select two poses from the currently loaded library, and set figure to that pose - or a blend of the two

If a subset is selected with the Apply To drop-list, other joints are unaffected


Page: Animation

This page can be used to create simple keyframe animations for figures (other models aren't animated)

Start with New - this gets the required start/end poses from the currently loaded library and creates a pose half way (50%) between them.

You can now edit the middle (50% pose). Until this pose is edited, the animation doesn't appear to do anything!

Additional frames can be added and removed using the buttons at the bottom of the Edit frame area. The edit box allows you to move the currently selected frame (but not to before the previous frame, or after the next).

Load and Save in the Animation Properties area allow animations to be loaded and saved.

The Display area allows you stop and start the animations and the control the start and stop time (so you can focus on a part of the animation)

If multiple figures are being displayed, each with its own animation, their start times are synchronised

Mouse actions - in 3D window:

Right mouse actions in the 3D window are only effective if a background image is loaded which is bigger than the 3D window, and it is not 'stretched to fit' (default)

Known limitations