What is SimPose-ium   (for the original Sims)

SimPose-ium (or SimPose for short) is an animation editor for the Maxis/Electronic Arts Game 'TheSims'.

SimPose-ium lets you display a number of Sims and to pose them in any desired position. It also lets you create keyframe animations and display predefined sequences of animations.

After V6.1 it also allows you to display and edit any of the animations from the game, and load them back into the game. In the future you may be able to create new behaviours, but for the present its only allows you to change the animations assigned to behaviours already in the game.  - Actually, I'm told this is wrong and that you can add new behaviours. I'm hoping that someone who understands how will write a tutorial that I can include in the FAQ.

As well as tweeking in-game animations, the main uses for SimPose are:

The program as presented here is still work in progress, and bugs get fixed as they are reported. In general, the longer a feature has been in SimPose-ium, the more stable it is. Please accept any limitations and enjoy the program for what it does.


What's new in the current release?

The current release is V9.04

The main change in this version is the program will now correctly find animation in subfolders in FAR archive files. If you are already using data from archives, deleting   SimPoseFARdata.fdf  will make the program re-examine the archive, so find the animations it previously missed.