Clive Pygott's 3D Modelling Page

This page is for assorted 3D models - either originals or modified from those publicly available on the web.

Super-Armoured Fighting Suit

"World War III lasted about 6 months. The first phase of the war was nuclear, and was over in 4 hours. The second phase was biological. By the time it was all over, 80% of the Earth's surface was wasted, and no humans were left. All had fled, or died. The colonies prospered, growing, expanding, reaching out for the stars. The earth was abandoned as worthless. Then on June 2, 2807, colonists returned to the Earth, finding parts of it habitable. By 2809 the city of New Canberra had established a spaceport, and raw materials began to be exported off-planet. Because of this, the government of the Shutoral Demokratische Republic began to take notice. The SDR was a galactic empire which had descended from colonies established by Germany before WWIII. It was growing in power and influence, and urgently needed new planets to satisfy it's expansionist policies. In 2882, the SDR declared Planetary Dominion over the Earth, and imposed punitive taxation upon the population. However, wealthy as the settlers had by now become, they were unwilling to pay taxes to what they rightly regarded as an unwelcome intruder, and unfortunately for the Shutoral government they had the means at their disposal to fight back.

In short order the settlers in Australia had hired mercenaries to defend their interests. The rebellion had started. On December 18, 2884 Australian mercenaries stormed a Shutoral supply depot. The new Super Armoured Fighting Suit helped them to win the day. Three days later, the Shutoral 3rd Mobile Corps landed at Victoria Beach, New South Wales. Their purpose was to put down the rebellion, but due to poor intelligence they had no idea of its extent".

The Super Armoured Fighting Suit is one of a series of science fiction designs produced in the 1980's by Kow Yokoyama, described in the magazine Hobby Japan, and given solid form by the Nitto model company.

A number of fan site for the SF3D series exist on the web. A couple of english language site are: The SF3D homepage and MA.k. VbR3000 Maschinen Krieger site (most of the rest are in japanise)

A couple of people who downloaded the model when it was first available pointed out that at least three other SF3D models were based on the SAFS: Fireball, Prowler and Raccoon. Certainly Fireball would be a comparatively simple conversion, as it essentially the same model with a wing-like aerial above the hatch and a 'strap-on' jet-pack. I may get around to these in the near future (depending on demand - if any).

A SF3D poster is available as

These images are of the Poser 4 SAFS models - fully jointed and posable, and which come with two texture maps. The zip-files linked below include WaveFront .obj files that can be imported by many other modelling programs.

The model without interior is available here (817K)

The model with interior is available here (1090K)

Animation Master

Here are three Hash Animation Master objects:

The grandfather clock (183K) and door (207K) are originals. Whilst the woman (160K) is a modification of Ricardo's FemaleR from the Splinedicate's Operation Model Storm page. The skirt is boned for animation, and her hands have also been boned.

Ray Dream Studio/Poser related models

The Poser forum recently had a posting relating to Dr Who models (in 3ds format). Here is the dalek (740K) model in native .rds format, with the sections broken down for easy shading. (Some time I'll get around to linking the components together with appropriate constraints)

There are a lot of skeleton, vampire and zombie models for Poser - here is a home for them! The coffin is available in Ray Dream format (96K) or as a collection of three.obj files (192K) - so the handles can be shaded, as shown below